Home and Away Spoilers: Leah pointed a knife at Justin – Justin begged Leah to put the knife down.

Home and Away spoilers: Leah knife horror, Alf threatened and Mackenzie collapses again

Leah’s paranoia gets the better of her as she threatens Justin with a knife. Meanwhile Alf insists John is reinstated at the surf club as Mackenzie suffers another heart attack

Home and Away fans can expect plenty of drama as the soap takes a sinister turn next week.

When Justin returns home, Leah is midway through packing a suitcase. Leah covers but once alone with Theo, she tells him that Justin is working with Vita Nova.

When Theo tries to intervene, she suggests they go to the police. At the station, Rose tells Theo that Leah needs to see a doctor. After informing Justin, he rushes to be by his partner’s side.

But the paranoia is too much. Believing Rose has also been turned by the cult, Leah bolts. She returns to the Diner where she barricades herself inside.

Leah threatens Justin with a knife
Leah threatens Justin with a knife (Image: Channel 5)

Desperate to help, Justin forces his way in, but soon finds Leah with a knife. When Theo walks in on the tense stand-off, he begs his aunt to put the knife down.

Leah becomes more distressed before Theo calls Bree, who manages to talk Leah into dropping the knife. Back at home, Leah can’t remember anything from the evening.

When Bree talks to Justin and Theo the next day, she reveals that Leah had a psychotic episode. Justin goes to Leah and insists there’s nothing to forgive.

Justin begs her to put the knife down
Justin begs her to put the knife down (Image: Channel 5)

Realising she could have seriously hurt him, Leah decides she needs help and reveals she’ll be going to stay at a mental health clinic. Justin and Leah share an emotional goodbye as Leah is led away to the clinic, with no contact with her loved ones.

A few days later, Justin is feeling Leah’s absence and Kirby vows to take his mind off things. Justin finds the piece that Kirby and Theo were going to surprise him with at the wedding.

Clearly emotional, Justin asks to hold onto the song. That night, as he lies sleepless in bed, he reaches for the lyrics, and the next morning, asks Kirby if they work on finishing the song together.

Roo schemes to get John to return to his role at The Surf Club
Roo schemes to get John to return to his role at The Surf Club (Image: Channel 5)

Across the Bay, Roo struggles to fill John’s shoes at the surf club. She suggests to Alf that they reacquaint John by celebrating all the work he’s done with The Summer Bay Surf Club Bible.

Putting her plan into action, Roo approaches him with the Club Bible that he authored over his many years of service. Roo reminds him that most would not have passed their Bronze Medallion without him.

But this only leads to John coming up with a new business plan – his own Surf Safety school to help aspiring lifeguards to qualify. When Alf finds John pinning up a flyer for his new Surf Safety School, he says it’s a waste of time to run a course identical to the one being offered at the Club.

Alf is warned his actions will have consequences
Alf is warned his actions will have consequences (Image: Channel 5)

After Alf says he will try to get his teaching privileges back, John is quick to admitting he wants his position back. Later, Alf meets with Henderson to plead John’s case, but he’s unforgiving.

When they fail to reach an agreement, Alf makes the call, overruling the committee and reinstating John Palmer with immediate effect. Henderson wastes no time responding, informing Alf that there will be consequences to his actions.

Elsewhere, Mackenzie convinces Xander to look at her chart and he reveals it’s all good news. The next morning, Mac announces to Levi that she’s discharging herself from Hospital.

Mackenzie has another heart attack
Mackenzie has another heart attack (Image: Channel 5)

When Xander returns the next day, he doesn’t realise it’s to pick her up, and he’s horrified to hear she’s discharging herself against her doctor’s orders. Levi is shocked, insisting it’s unsafe for her to go home this soon into her recovery.

Levi fumes at Xander for putting the idea in her head. But he explains that if Mac is determined to go home, then nothing will stop her. At home, Mac is even more anxious, worried that she is even further from medical help if something happens.

The next morning, her first fears come true when she suffers chest pain. Knocking on Tane’s door she orders him to call an ambulance when she realises she’s having another heart attack.


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