Is Meri Brown leaving Sister Wives?

Fans are almost begging Meri Brown to leave the Sister Wives franchise and get away from Kody Brown.

The most recent episode, where Kody talked down to her before Robyn took her side, only to return to Kody after Meri was gone, tells all. No one in this family treats Meri with any sort of respect.

However, is Meri Brown leaving Sister Wives?

Meri Brown might be testing the waters
In an interview with Radar Online, Kristyn Decker spoke about what she sees in Meri Brown right now.

Decker, who was in a polygamist lifestyle for 50 years, said that the fact that Meri has been taking some trips by herself while not filming makes it look like she might be considering leaving Sister Wives.

Decker, who is also Christine’s aunt, wrote a book over polygamy and sees signs that Meri Brown is considering leaving the lifestyle behind.

“That’s the beginning of her leaving,” Kristyn said. “That’s what I did. I had to start taking care of me. I started going to plays, parties and movies, I would find friends.”

With Meri Brown possibly testing the waters, the recent fights with Kody Brown and the bad treatment within the family might push her over the edge and send her off.

Meri Brown might leave Sister Wives if things don’t improve.


Meri Brown not likely to leave Sister Wives

However, don’t expect this to happen.

Meri Brown married Kody when she was 19. She was raised in a polygamist household and it is the life that she knows. Her marriage to Kody is all she knows, as she has been in it for almost 30 years.

That will make it hard for her to leave.

There is also the religious beliefs at stake here. If Meri believes in her religion as much as polygamists are supposed to, she knows that plural marriage is the key to Heaven.

That isn’t even the biggest problem here.

Before fans started to feel bad for Meri Brown thanks to the treatment playing out on Sister Wives, many turned on her due to the fact she was caught in a catfishing scandal.

Remember, even though Meri married Kody when she was 19, he divorced her so he could marry Robyn legally. It was the only way to adopt Robyn’s kids, but that was a rejection that was hard for Meri.

After the catfishing scandal, Meri’s daughter Mariah — her only child — shunned her mom. There are some thoughts that if Meri Brown left the Sister Wives family, her daughter would take Kody’s side and she would be completely alone.

That is the one thing that might stop Meri Brown from leaving Sister Wives.

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