‘Sister Wives’: Christine & Kody Brown Battle Over Hush Clause in Contract?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and Christine Brown recently argued over something the father of 18 insisted on putting in their TLC contract.

Their 24-year-old son reported this during a recent interview. Paedon Brown said his mom Christine became livid over a request made by the Brown patriarch. But it also explained a weird phone call he got from his father at the time.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Perplexes Paedon Brown

Paedon Brown received what sounded like a suspicious phone call from his father. The call seemed odd to him because Kody was nice on the other end. Months had gone by since the father-son’s last interaction. The last time Paedon spoke to his dad, Kody was furious with hm.

So, even though the Sister Wives’ patriarch remained silent for months after that, his son expected him to still be angry. But he didn’t seem mad, leading to confusion for Paedon about what changed.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

In an interview, Paedon describes the lack of communication from his Sister Wives father. Months ago, the only son of Christine wore a T-shirt in a TikTok clip he posted.

That T-shirt asked Christine’s now famous question, “What does the Nanny do?” The post blew up on social media, surprising Paedon, who did it only as a joke. But it wasn’t a joke to his father.

So, Papa Brown’s latest bout of anger towards his son originated from the T-shirt. Paedon Brown described Kody’s ploy that seemed to bloom from this incident during an interview this week with John Yates.

Christine Brown Laughed but Kody Fumed

Paedon explained how the chain of events unfolded. First, Christine Brown saw her son on TikTok and asked him to get her one of those shirts. Unlike her ex-husband, Christine Brown found it funny.

But the now-irate Sister Wives dad didn’t. Kody was furious at his son for “disrespecting” him, Paedon said.

So, a lengthy rage over Christine’s comment surfacing on a T-shirt entailed. Kody followed this up by giving his prankster son the silent treatment. This silence went on for months, according to Paedon’s side of the story.

Then out of the blue, after months of no contact, Kody called him. To his son, it was an odd phone call because it was as if nothing had ever happened. They talked about everyday things that didn’t amount to much.

But the call was friendly, confusing the 24-year-old since their last communication turned out a bit harsh on Kody’s part. So, he mentioned to his mom, that his dad, Kody, had called him. Christine asked if he knew what was going on. Apparently, Christine had a recent interaction with Kody Brown as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Protests Attempt to Legally Shut Up Kids?

It seems Kody Brown had contacted Christine Brown with the idea of putting a new clause in their TLC contracts. So, it sounds as if Kody still couldn’t get past the t-shirt incident, prompting him to think of a way to stop negative insults in the future.

Paedon explained what Kody was after in her recent phone call from him. But his latest Sister Wives contract idea was met with disdain from Christine Brown.


Kody Brown allegedly wanted to add a clause to their TLC contracts. This clause would forbid any insults about Kody Brown until the Sister Wives series was over for good. This had Christine take a stand against the idea.

According to Paedon, Christine told Kody that he cannot control what his adult kids say. So, it sounded as if Paedon thought this is why his dad’s last phone call was civil. Maybe he tried to drum up support for his idea.

Papa Brown Watches Out for Himself?

It’s not known if TLC would even agree to add such a clause to his ex-wives and kids’ contracts. But from what his son had to say, it sounds as if this proposed ban would only cover the Sister Wives patriarch.

But it also sounds as if Christine nixed the idea. So, is Kody Brown after a legal way to stifle his adult kids from sharing any negative comments or stories about him?

With that said, it seems safe to say there doesn’t seem to be a contract in place yet. If so, this son probably broke it a few times in his recent interview.

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