General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (May 22- June 2, 2023): Sonny Proposes Nina, Valentin Suffers Pathogen Side-Effects

General Hospital Spoilers For the Next Two Weeks (May 22- June 2, 2023) have rolled out and offer some very exciting insights. Sonny’s truce with Michael will set the ball rolling for changes in many dynamics. On the one hand, it will lead to Sonny making a marriage proposal to Nina. While at the other hand, it will cause friction between Michael and Joss. Their mom, Carly, might feel some turbulence too. Speaking of turbulence, there will be a major one between Anna and Valentin, thanks to some pathogen after-effects. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out all about it and so much more!

General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of May 22-26, 2023: Sonny Proposes Nina, Tracy Pushes Chase Towards Brook Lynn

Sonny and Michael’s decision to bury the hatchet will have major ripple effects for all their near and dear ones on General Hospital. Nina knows that Michael hates her. She will confide in Sonny that she fears Michael’s hatred will get rubbed on Sonny as well. The spoilers for May 22-26, 2023, tease that Sonny will decide to resolve Nina’s fears once and for all by making the grandest love gesture. The dimpled don will make a long, impressive speech about how much he loves her and ask her to marry him. Will Nina accept the proposal? Especially with her SEC leak mess hanging over her head!

General Hospital
GH/ Will Nina (Cynthia Watros) accept Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) proposal?

At the Metro Court, Tracy will have a one-on-one chat session with Harrison Chase. She will ask him to decide on his feelings towards Brook Lynn once and for all. General Hospital Spoilers for May 22-26, 2023, suggest that Tracy realizes how much it’s hurting BLQ to remain stuck in limbo. Moreover, she knows that Chase surely has feelings for Brook Lynn and only needs a push to act upon them. Is Tracy right about it? Will Chase finally accept his feelings and express them to Brook? Find out in the upcoming episodes soon!

Curtis And Portia Come Face-To-Face, And Michael and Joss Fight

Curtis and Portia are currently at loggerheads over the latter’s betrayal on General Hospital. During the week of May 22-26, 2023, Curtis will bump into Portia. The two will be far from reaching a solid resolution for their marital issues, but Curtis will be willing to try. However, he may tell Portia that it will be a slow and difficult process, and they will have to be patient. The two will also discuss the paternity test results that they are awaiting. Do you think Curtis and Portia will be able to navigate through their issues? Tell us in the comments below.

GH/ Will Portia (Brook Kerr) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) be able to work out their differences?

Michael’s decision to call off the war against Sonny is starting to show its impact on many other relationship dynamics. General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 22-26, 2023, reveal that Joss will have a bone to pick with her brother. She will lash out at him for stepping back from the original plan and leaving Dex in a pickle. Furthermore, she will threaten to turn in the evidence against Sonny herself if need be. Will Michael be able to calm down Joss, or will a new war begin? Find out only on ABC’s General Hospital.

Other spoilers tease that Drew’s suspicions will move on from Ned to someone else on General Hospital. Has he found some clues that link the SEC leaks to Nina? Meanwhile, also watch out for a few recasts. Earlier, Kate Mansi took over the role of Kristina, and now, Holiday Mia Kriegel will slip into Molly’s shoes!

General Hospital Spoilers For May 29- June 02, 2023: Ava Gets A New Shocker, Valentin Suffers Side-Effects

In the recent few episodes, Ava’s attention had been focused on the mess Nina created with the SEC on General Hospital. However, during the week of May 29-June 02, 2023, she will shift her focus back to the mess she had created for herself with Nikolas. But what is about to happen? Will Nik miraculously wake up from his coma and come at her for revenge? Or will Mason finally reveal the truth

about Nik being alive, but in a coma, to her? The latter would be more in sync with the blackmailing storyline teased in May sweeps earlier! So watch out for how Ava tackles this new trouble.


General Hospital
GH/ How will Ava (Maura West) tackle her new troubles?

Elsewhere, Laura Collins will hold a reading of Victor Cassadine’s will. Unfortunately, things will not be as simple as one would hope. General Hospital spoilers for May 29-June 02, 2023, reveal that there would be a mystery to solve in the will. It will leave Laura, as well as everyone else, scratching their heads. Meanwhile, Valentin will start exhibiting some bizarre and out-of-character behavior. This will really scare the daylights out of Anna. Could it have anything to do with the pathogen injected into his bloodstream? Will it alter Valentin’s brain chemistry and push him to take up his father’s spot as PC’s resident evil? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out all the answers!

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