Where is Logan Brown from Sister Wives?

Logan, Kody Brown’s oldest son and oldest child, has been missing from recent episodes of Sister Wives Season 13. Fans noticed his absence during a recent episode of the TLC reality TV series that focused on the family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Since Sister Wives Season 13 ended on Sunday with Part II of Tell-All, fans have been wondering about Logan’s recent absence from the show and are asking why he was missing particularly at a time that Kody, mom Janelle Brown, and the other wives — Meri, Christine and Robyn – were in need of assistance during the move to Flagstaff.

Where is Logan Brown?

Logan’s absence parked speculation among fans, with many wondering whether he had chosen to live separately from the rest of the family.





Logan is currently studying for his M.B.A degree at the University of Nevada’s Lee Business School  and is expected to graduate in 2019. He graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Nevada.


His fiancee Michelle Petty is also studying for her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Michelle had taken to Instagram in September 2017 to announce their engagement. She also revealed that they planned to delay their wedding until after they finished their Master’s Degrees. She added that they planned to save before taking the next step in their relationship.

The couple has expressed a desire for privacy in the past. After Logan proposed to Michelle on the Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas, in September 2017, they took to social media to reveal that they did not want their wedding filmed for the show.

Fans who have been following the couple closely believe that Logan could be purposefully staying away from the reality show because he wants more privacy to focus on his private life and obtain his M.B.A. degree.

While Logan Brown hasn’t been seen for quite some time, In Touch reported back in January that many of Kody Brown’s adult children chose not to join the Sister Wives family in their move to Arizona. It looks like the Brown family will be dealing with quite a few changes as they get settled in their new state.

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