Christine Brown Thanks David Woolley For Saving Truely

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Right now, Christine Brown is so grateful that her fiance David Woolley stepped in and saved her youngest daughter.

Now that the weather is warming up in Utah, the family is spending more time outdoors. And during a recent hiking trip, it seems like Truely really needed some assistance.

So what exactly happened and what did David do to help? Keep reading to see what Christine had to say about the situation.

David Woolley steps up to lend a hand

Since Christine Brown and David Woolley got engaged, fans have really enjoyed following them online and seeing their adventures. Based on recent social media posts, he seems to have adapted to his stepfather role quite well.

In fact, many Sister Wives fans think he’s taking over Kody Brown’s fatherly duties for Christine’s kids. And those sentiments have only grown this week.

Christine Brown, David Woolley, and Truely Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives, TLC
David Woolley/Instagram

During a recent hiking trip, Truely got stuck and was afraid to climb down by herself. Thankfully, David was there to lend a hand. Christine was delighted to see her fiance climb up to help her youngest child.

Many fans remain doubtful that Kody Brown would have done the same.

“One of the reasons I love David so much! Truely was stuck on a hill and he climbed up to help her then patiently taught her how to climb down by herself,” Christine captioned the endearing Instagram post. She attached several photos, including a sweet one of David and Truely together.

Truely Brown and David Woolley, from Christine Brown's Instagram page Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/Instagram

Overall, Christine’s followers seemed pretty impressed with David’s kindness. All in all, his approach to parenting is drastically different than Kody Brown’s.

“Sounds like a complete 180° from when Kody tried to teach Truely how to ride a bike. Patience is a virtue. ❤️” one fan wrote in the comments.

“It’s always so wonderful to have a man who understands children ❤️” another Instagram user added.

Kody Brown seems disinterested in being a dad these days

Although Kody Brown has 18 kids between four different women, he really only seems interested in a select few of them. Based on what the family has said so far, Kody really only spends time with his fourth wife Robyn and her five children.

Recently, the family patriarch was spotted at his son Dayton’s college graduation. Sadly, it only seemed to be an event meant for Robyn’s part of the family. According to Redditors, no other family members outside Robyn’s bubble were present.

Fans can’t help but wonder if Kody will show up at future family events, including Gwendlyn Brown’s upcoming wedding. But in all likelihood, it seems like he’s already chosen his role in the family.

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