Janelle Brown Opens Up About True Love In Her Life

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is opening up about the true love in her life. Rumors began circulating after fans picked up on a little hint she might be in a relationship. Does she have a new true love? Or is it purely speculation? Now, the TLC star is letting everyone know what’s really going on in her personal life and sharing what matters most. Keep reading for all of the details.

Sister Wives Fans Think She Has A New Man

Since Janelle officially announced her split from Kody Brown in December 2022, fans have wondered what the next phase of her life might hold. Is she looking for a new relationship? Is she enjoying the single life for now? On social media, her followers have been looking for little hints about which direction she might be heading in. Some thought a relationship might be brewing, especially after seeing a new post on social media.

Janelle Brown - Instagram

As TV Shows Ace reported, fans thought they spotted a mystery man in one of Janelle Brown’s new Instagram posts. The TLC star showed off her RV and revealed that she is all ready to enjoy some trips this summer. While this was meant to be a positive post about her upcoming adventures and the joy she’s feeling, something else caught fans’ attention.

In the picture, there is a man standing beside Janelle’s RV. Most of his body is hidden, and so is his face. So, fans didn’t know who he was or if he might be a romantic interest.

Below, you can see the photo in question.

Janelle Brown's RV from Instagram, Sister Wives

Naturally, the questions came pouring in. In an Instagram comment, one fan asked, “Janelle is that the new boyfriend hiding?”

Janelle Brown Opens Up About True Love In Her Life

In response, Janelle made it clear that she’s not in a relationship at the moment. For now, she’s focusing on more important things. She replied to one fan’s comment and said, “Haha no its Gabe. But my children and grandchildren are the true loves of my life.”

For now, it looks like Janelle is fully enjoying this quality time with her kids and grandkids rather than worrying about finding love. She doesn’t seem to be too concerned about what the next chapter of her life holds.

So, did you think that Janelle Brown might have another true love besides her kids and grandkids? Were you caught off-guard when you saw this new photo she shared?

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