General Hospital: Sonny Proposes To Nina, Is This A New Beginning Or The End?

Sonny has finally been able to shake off a mountain that had been weighing on him for a long time on General Hospital. He and Michael have finally managed to bury the hatchet and waive the white flag for peace. Although things are far from normal between them, but atleast the war is over. In the upcoming episodes, Sonny will extend the happy news to Nina, however, it will end up stirring a fear inside her. She knows Michael hates her guts, and she’ll fear that if Sonny and Michael bond, Sonny might turn against. But, but, but! The formidable Sonny Corinthos will come up with the perfect way to settle Nina’s fears! Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out all about it!

Sonny Proposes Marriage To Nina, Will She Accept?

Once Sonny opens about his reconciliation with Michael, Nina’s sullen face will not go unnoticed by him on General Hospital. He will nudge her to open upon to him about whatever is racing through her mind. Nina will admit that while she is happy for him, she fears that Michael’s disdain for her might rub-off on him. The latest spoilers tease that Sonny will assure her that his love for her is unshakable. The dimpled don will insist that absolutely no one can change his mind about Nina.

GH/ Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Nina (Cynthia Watros)

Perhaps Sonny’s reassurances will do very little to pacify Nina’s fears on General Hospital. Thus, he will decide to make a grand gesture to Nina to prove his love and commitment to her. The spoilers tease that during the week of May 22-26, 2023, Sonny will make a larger-than-ever-before move toward Nina. He will not only profess his undying love but also propose marriage to her. However, she will be hesitant to accept the proposal. Thanks to the mess she made with Sonny. She will try to hint to him about a mistake she may have made. But Sonny will rubbish it without listening, he will assure her that he wants to be with her, regardless.

Is This The Beginning Of The End For SONA On General Hospital?

After a moving speech by Sonny about how much he loves Nina and how the past or any of her mistakes are inconsequential to him, Nina will accept. Thus, finally, after all these years, the time for Sonny and Nina’s marriage will arrive on General Hospital! However, we can’t help but wonder, “Why now?!?” There have been many instances before when Sonny and Nina were on the same page. So why bring up a marriage track right around the time, Nina’s misdeeds have hung a sword over her head with Sonny? Could this really be the beginning of the end?

General Hospital
GH/ Is the clock ticking against Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Nina (Cynthia Watros)?

Sonny may have dusted Nina’s hints under the rug, but will he really get past it when the whole truth comes out to him on General Hospital? Sonny is fiercely protective of Carly, even when they are being dis cordial themselves. He would never allow a third person to befall any harm to the mother of his child. So, when Sonny finds out Nina tipped off the SEC, which he will at the worst possible time, he won’t take it well. Secrets like these have a way of coming out during the most inconvenient time.

Does that mean we should prepare for a SONA breakup right at the altar? What do you think? Will Sonny break it off with Nina when the truth bursts out? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to watch it all play out!

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