General Hospital: Is Kin Shriner REALLY OUT? Wolf Cries Again

Alright, General Hospital folks! It’s THAT time of the year. The boy has cried wolf, AGAIN! Actor Kin Shriner, who plays GH’s legacy character Scotty just tweeted that the ABC soap has written out his character! Okay, before you let your jaw drop to the floor, let TV Season & Spoilers explain. Those who have followed Kin diligently over the past few years know that there is nothing to worry about here! General Hospital has NOT written out Scotty from the soap! But then, why is Kin Shriner claiming so? Well, keep reading to find out!

Kin Shriner’s Announcement Breaks Twitter

On the morning of May 17, 2023, General Hospital star, Kin Shriner, typed out a tweet that sent his fans in a frenzy! For several decades, Kin has been an integral part of the legacy soap, with his very famous character of Scotty. However, Kin’s tweet announced that General Hospital has now written off the character. He then went on to thank his fans for all the love they have showered him with over the years. Minutes later, his feed started to flood with concerned messages from his fans.

General Hospital
GH/ Kin Shriner’s tweet

As you can imagine, the reaction from General Hospital fans was vehement! While most of them had a hard time digesting the announcement, many others demanded that the makers rethink the decision. All in all, absolutely no one was willing or ready to watch their beloved Scotty ride into the sunset forever on General Hospital. However, thankfully, they won’t have to! As it turns out, Kin has been sending out this tweet almost every year as his new Twitter custom!

General Hospital Star, Kin Shriner, Is The Boy Who Cries Wolf

Just as the pained tweets from General Hospital fans started to pile, some of his more ardent fans cleared the air. You see, Kin loves to go a little wild every now and then! Just as Scotty brings in that tinge of humor with him on the soap, Kin likes to channel it to Twitter, just for fun! Every year the seasoned actor types out a version of the same tweet, claiming to have been fired from the soap. However, they are just wolf cries, and the clarification of him still being on the soap follows in time. Hence, the fans who are in the know of Kin’s prank were ticked funny.

GH/ Kin Shriner’s yearly wolf cries!

Many of them took to the comments or their own feed to point to the worried fans that Kin was just goofing. “He’s just having his yearly cry wolf. Never change Scotty,” a fan, Soap Jenn, tweeted. Meanwhile, a user, flutterby, wrote, “He remains the boy who cried wolf.” So fans can breathe in relief, General Hospital has not fired Kin Shriner. The legacy of Scotty will continue on the ABC soap! Hopefully, Kin himself or someone from the soap will put the confusion to rest soon.

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