Sister Wives Spoilers: Did Gwedlyn Brown Secretly Get Married?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that there are fans who think that Gwendlyn Brown has secretly gotten married. These rumors all got started when she shared a video of herself with her fiance, Beatriz Queiroz. On Monday, fans noticed that she was happy to share a special piece of art with her fans. She took pictures and video of it and shared it on Instagram, but why did it make fans think she got married? Let’s find out.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The New Post Shares Possible Secrets
In one of the pictures that Gwendlyn shared on Instagram, there was a drawing of her with her fiance. In the picture, they were together and smiling in front of an orange heart. Then she shared a drawing of a U-Haul that was decorated with hearts and rainbows. Apparently, these pieces of art were sent to the women by Audrey Kriss, who is Leon Brown’s partner. Gwendlyn was quick to express how grateful she was for all of this amazing artwork.

The rumors began when fans noticed that Gwendlyn said about the artwork. She wrote, “Oh my God, it’s us! Beatriz, it’s us! It’s us at the wedding!” This was what Gwendlyn yelled when she saw the very special and personal artwork from Audrey. This statement led her fans to believe that she and Beatriz had already gotten married.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Did Gwendlyn Get Brown Married In Secret?
As soon as fans saw this, they were quick to start asking Gwendlyn if she got married secretly. One fan wrote, “Are you married yet?” There were more comments about just how talented Audrey is and how great they captured Gwen and Beatriz. One fan wrote, “I love these!” Another added, “They NAILED the portrait of you guys! Wow! Audrey is such a phenomenal artist.” Of course, there were plenty of comments about the U-Haul picture. Gwendelyn and Beatriz moved in very quickly after they started dating and they have joked about that on social media for quite some time.

Fans of Sister Wives were so happy to hear that Gwendlyn and Beatriz were getting married this summer. However, there are rumors now circulating that they could have done so already. We will continue to keep an eye on Gwendlyn’s Instagram account to see if these rumors are true or if fans really do just jump to conclusions when it comes to these two. We have a feeling that they haven’t gotten married yet and that Gwendlyn was misunderstood when she mentioned the wedding.

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